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Rescue & Retreat

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Who We Are

Acres of Hope is a 501c3 nonprofit. Our mission is to empower individuals to find healing and restoration through the therapeutic power of horses and the beauty of nature. We believe that everyone deserves a chance to overcome trauma and life challenges, and our goal is to provide a safe and nurturing environment that fosters growth, community, and collaboration.


Our rescue horses play a vital role in this mission, as they offer a unique form of therapy that promotes emotional and physical healing. Our ranch serves as a retreat center, providing a peaceful and rejuvenating setting for individuals to connect with themselves, each other, and nature.


What We Do

We are dedicated to creating a culture of healing and hope, where individuals can find the support and guidance they need to overcome obstacles and discover their full potential. We believe in tailoring each experience to honor individual needs, fostering personalized growth. We believe that every life has value and every person deserves a chance to thrive. Join us on this journey of healing and restoration, and together, we can make a difference in the world.

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